My name is Tristen Kozinski, I’m an independent author, beekeeper, and chess player. I’ve been writing since I was thirteen and have years of experience editing at sites like or in edit swaps with other authors.   My main goal with this blog is to help newer or middle-ground writers learn how to improve their prose from a technical standpoint and maybe have a little fun doing so.   Everything you read here is just my opinion.   If you would like to read any of my reviews on Goodreads a link is at the bottom. If you would like to check out our books click on the Goodreads link as well. If you’re an amateur writer or independent author and would like a chapter edited, please contact us at .



Hello, I’m Keegan, the other hooligan supplying content for this here site. I’ve as much experience as my brother when it comes to writing and share his interest in chess, though I lack his noble sentiment when it comes to instruction. I’m a little more inclined toward world domination. Greetings as your future overlord. I’ve also an interest in drawing; something I’ve been doing  for almost as long as I’ve been writing, so  I’m quite possibly, almost, not quite terrible. If you’re curious,  take a look at our book covers. I’m the person responsible  for drawing those. If you’d like to see more then waddle on over here-

Fare thee well our future friends.