Foundryside Book Review

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I thoroughly enjoyed Foundryside. The magic system is complex in it potential (and spectacularly used in a variety of innovative and unique ways throughout the narrative) but simple to understand and with enough restrictions and rules to make for clever and enjoyable uses.
The world building is strong, allowing a deep, tactile sense of the city and the way it’s composed and operates. A lot of this is directly due to the magic system, but just as much of it revolves exploring how the magic system would affect the world and the culture of the Merchant Houses.
Sancia as the primary protagonist is immensely likeable and fun to follow through the story, with good complexity that’s well integrated into the plot, world, and her own history/ motivations. She tough and creative, while still being subordinate to the world and subject to its rules and culture, and so always has an ‘underdog’ feel and is constantly demanding meaningful choices of her.
The plot and pacing as excellent, balancing action scenes, with enjoyable character interactions, description, backstory, lore, and revelations wonderfully. The heist scenes are intelligent and fun.
The secondary characters are likewise fun and complex, while also being distinctive in their behaviors and personalities.

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