Murder at Spindle Manor book review

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Murder at Spindle Manor is a solid little mystery. The setting, an old stately manor, is appealing and the cast being trapped there with a disguised monsters adds a simmering tension. I found that the monster became largely irrelevant to the story, however, overshadowed by the murder and subsequent investigation. This would’t be much of an issue except it was the monster and the promise of a cat and mouse game trying to deduce who it was that really caught my interest at the book’s start.
The author does a good job of melding the classic mystery archetype into a fantasy setting, populating the story with several neat bits of creativity or striking visuals, as well as using various fantastical elements to explore the mystery. The result is a world that’s fairly immersive and fits comfortably with the mystery it offers.
The characters are solid. Isabeau is fine as a Van Helsing-esque Huntress, if a bit colorless as she lacks personalities traits outside of competence and a steely disposition. Her coachwoman and ‘partner’ is a more vibrant and likable character, bringing some much needed personality and energy to the duo. I struggled to invest in her, though, largely because I was only ever given the author’s word that she wasn’t the monster in disguise, and I not one to take the word of a mystery writer.
The pacing of the narrative is generally good, and there are decent moments of comedy sprinkled through, cultivating a generally fun read.

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