The Confidence Men Review

By Tristen Kozinski No comments

The Confidence Men is slow to start, requiring a significant amount of preamble to set the scene of the First World War and the events and battles leading up to Hill and Jones’ capture. I found this part interesting, but the logistics and movements (etc) of warfare is something I find interesting. Other people may find this section tedious as it is not the main purpose of the book. The pace increases as Jone’s reaches the camp, but breaks are often taken throughout the story to fill in historical information and provide context; some of these I found interesting, and some I did not. The book itself straddles the middle ground between being a story and a historical text, but most of the story is conveyed via distant narration with only a couple scenes throughout actually putting the reader in the moment. When they happen these scenes and enjoyable, but they only supply about a quarter of the book.