The House By the Cerulean Sea Book Review

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The House in the Cerulean Sea is what I would describe as a cozy fantasy romance. It is just a soft fun book with bits of comedy, immensely likable characters, and an excellent pacing. There’s drama and conflict, but there’s also never a sense that things aren’t going to just end perfectly.
The heart and soul of this book are its characters, from Linus Baker who is suffocating (unknowingly to himself) in his stifling life and occupation, but who is also simultaneously intensely gentle and fiercely protective. The children at the house in the cerulean sea are all immensely likable, quirky, fun, and unique.
The pacing of the story is slow in the sense that it doesn’t rush to (or through) any of its points or destinations, but there is something meaningful transpiring in every chapter; whether it be minute progressions in Linus’s as he lives out his jounery, or bits of the plot coming to light and progressing,
The prose is strong and the imagery is vivid, which lends depth to many of the themes and events that occur.
On the whole, thoroughly enjoyable.