Zeus is Dead book review

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I listened to this on audio book and the narrator does a fine job, but nothing special.
Zeus is Dead started weak for me; the humor didn’t quite land and largely felt like the same joke with different words (zanny comment and reference), and its main format being the author commenting often comes across as intrusive. Laithe, being our primary vessel for the first half, is unlikable; Aphrodite’s love spell makes him annoying and a stalker, and he fails to provide much to the narrative outside of these things.
Towards the middle the story improved, other characters were added that Laithe (and Tracy as the proper MC) had better chemistry and interactions with in the form of Apollo and a Muse. The plot also gets properly started, with stakes, direction, and perils. I also found more of the humor landing, and particularly enjoyed meta writing/creativity jokes the author inserted via the Muse and fates.
The climax of the narrative is actively good, throwing in a curve ball I really enjoyed, but concludes by the story in way that makes the world significantly less interesting.